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With the Balkan Security Group you can improve your chances of having a fulfilling professional career in Security.

Balkan Security Recruitment is striving for higher training standards in the Balkans after we recognised that a lot of sub standard training was being provided.

Balkan Training Center and its partners will provide the best security, safety and medical related training in Southeastern Europe.

For Iraq based work in close protection Always make sure your qualifications are recognized by the UK SIA otherwise some PSCs will not consider you as it stops them working for some clients in Basra. 

Here is a link to check if your provider qualifies: 

SIA training providers

We only operate with SIA UK Certified Close Protection instructors which leads to an Internationally Recognised SIA CP Level 3 qualification. Our courses are delivered in English and Serbo-Croatian language.

We guarantee UK Quality GENUINE training and that we will market our "Graduates" aggressively after they pass the course to our Dubai and USA based contacts. Our Graduates are ALWAYS presented to our clients first after any request for CVs.

Initially we are focusing on Iraq however this does not mean we are not looking further for opportunities to help place consultants. 


Get the training you need and give yourself the BEST chance with Balkan Security Group.

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