Phase 1-Initial contact and selection

Potential new hires are sourced through two main routes:

  • Selection from extensive database of suitable candidates built on personal referrals ('word of mouth')
  • Direct application through the BSR website or by email

Phase 2 - Shortlisting criteria

When BSR is assessing the various candidates for each respective vacancy, we cross-check the individual's qualifications and experience against our internal stringent requirements for the post as well as the client's stated requirements. We focus on the individual's commercial security experience, their formal security industry qualifications, their military or police service, and their overall experience of operating in hostile or austere environments. We also focus heavily on their linguistic abilities to ensure communication in English will not be an issue. All candidates are tested to ensure a minimum of at least CEFR B1 English. For example tests see : English tests online

Phase 3 - Interview

The interview stage of BSR's recruitment process allows us to take a view on the individuals with regard to their ability to work effectively in a close-knit and pressurised team. The interview process is key to ensuring that BSR maintains standards and meets designated criteria. The following documentation is reviewed at the interview and copies made:
Passport, Driving license, Criminal Record Check, Military discharge documentation and service records.
If Available: SIA equivalent CP Level 3, FPOSi medical qualification and MIRA.

Phase 4 - Vetting

Candidates successful at interview undergo background checks and vetting for employment to ensure that they are appropriate to represent both BSR and the prospective client. The objective is to provide fully vetted, high-quality employees to ensure safety of the client's personnel, equipment and information. Background checks include reference checks, which are scrutinised against testimonials and previous employment records and, in the case of former armed services members, military testimonials, records of discharge, military service records, and CRCs. At Client request we can also complete Vetting through CBS in the UK to BS7858 Standards. To ensure that our candidates meet or exceed requirements and deploy within the time-frame to ensure operational integrity we coordinate and monitor vetting through a dedicated team based in Serbia.

Phase 5 – Client interviews

Once we in BSR have satisfied ourselves that a candidate is suitable, only then is the candidate introduced to the client for consideration for posts via telephone or Skype interview. BSR take no part in this process and await feedback from Clients as to their acceptance of the candidate and proposed day rate, which can vary based on experience and the area of deployment.

Phase 6 Pre-Deployment Briefings and Training

On receipt and acceptance of a signed offer letter from the Client, BSR then ensures that all required training is completed, prior to an agreed deployment date. We have suitable training facilities in Serbia which allow weapons certification.

Phase 7 – Deployment

BSR requests pre-deployment orientation documentation for all candidates from our Clients to ensure a smooth arrival in the host country and no problems with immigration at the departure and destination airports. We also provide country briefings and a recent security situation update to our candidates.

Phase 8 – Ongoing contact

BSR does “not fire and forget” our candidates and we ensure regular contact with them throughout their deployments and ongoing support if a new mission is required as their contracts end. We also offer a Next of Kin Service to our clients to assist in supporting our placed consultants should the unfortunate need arise.

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